Do you feel that you can do something big but something is stopping you?

Not living up to your full potential?

Break out of those mind barriers!

It’s All In Your Mind!

Your mind controls your powers!

When you truly decide and change your mind, you have changed the most powerful device that was ever given to you for change.

The late great Dr. William Tanner discovered what is now popularly known as the Tanner Thought Dynamic which teaches that “It’s All In the Mind”.

Yes, it is all in the mind. What we shape in our reality, it has its roots and foundation in our minds. We see what we think.

ReCreation King, Douglas McCoy

You will discover in the book that Dr. Tanner and Douglas McCoy wrote: ―It’s All In Your Mind. This step by step will guide as you cut through the mental barriers holding you back.


With It’s All In Your Mind, you will:

  • Learn the Five Statements for each of your Twenty-One Attitudes or Skills which will allow you to continually monitor your improvement. After all, you are only competing with your increasingly improving scores.
  • Have the chance to retake the Inventory every four months to change your life.
  • Know the Three PAR Methods of Self-improvement — As you use The Miracle of PAR daily, you will mature, have dynamic attitudes, and develop human relations skills that will be rewarding and self motivating.
  • The PAR Methods can be used to strengthen: Your 7 Mature Attitudes, 7 Dynamic Attitudes, and 7 Skills of Effective Living.
  • Discover The Six Laws of Your Mind which can direct and control your body — an instrument of your brain.
  • Discover The Powers Of Your Two Brains.
  • Plus set your goals in the 23 other crucial areas which will usher the change that you want to see in your life.

“It’s All In Your Mind”
This is your ultimate attitude and skill inventory book!

Get Your Copy Now!

So, would you like to take control of your mind and life? This book gives you control to change. Is it really all in the mind? You bet it is!


Get your free ticket normally valued at $1687. The ReCreation Seminar will tremendously help you adapt and Boom through this Global Economical Recession and much worse the International Emotional Depression.

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